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Hi and welcome to Notafred.com, my CV website.
Web developer resume, programmer analyst cv, webmaster cv, photographer.

On this website you can discover my curriculum vitae, my education (web developer, programmer analyst, audiovisual technician, photographer, videographer), professional experience, hobbies and much more.

I am a web developer, more specialized in PHP. I am self-teaching, motivated and I like to put in practice everything I can discover.

I have worked with several web tools and languages: PHP (PHP4, PHP5), Javascript and librairies (JQuery, Scriptaculous, Prototype), Xml, Ajax, CSS2 / CSS3, HTML4 / HTML5, SQL, ASP, Java, JSP, Zend Framework, Smarty Templating, Drupal CMS, Wordpress CMS, Zend Studio, Dreamweaver, Flash etc.

I have created and worked on severals Internet websites, Intranet and Wap sites, during my web developer positions at Face3Media, Cellfish Media, Xwerx, Sednove, Nouvelles Destinations and Ozon Interactive. I have integrated web services, developed Flash elements or used/modified CMS as Drupal and Wordpress.

Currently in Switzerland after having spent five years in Canada. I improve my skills, my knowledge and experience, experimenting new technologies. Before that, I have spent one year in Ireland and I was able to practice and improve my english, at my job and in everyday's life.

I am very interested in the web and its technologies, websites creation, site maintaince, web referencing (SE0, ranking) and site optimisation. I have also an audiovisual background and I like combining it with the computing world in my job.

Working on positions focused on programming and data bases, I appreciate also working on design (Photoshop) and ergonomics. I like to program in a team or for individual tasks. I have also experimented a team leader position and I have really enjoyed it!

Developing my skills in photography and video, I have launched my stock-photography website Ibuyphotos.com and my Youtube channel Notafred Videos.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for further details. I am open and curious about interesting propositions.

Best regards,

Frederic Ansermoz - Notafred

Analyst Programmer - Web Developer - Webmaster - Photographer - Videographer - Audiovisual Technician - Referencer - Swiss Knife

Portfolio: Science Gallery of Trinity College, Osheaga 2012, HeavyMTL 2012, Nouvelles Destinations, Cellflirt, IBuyPhotos.com, Science Week, TerraNua, Joblo, FilmBook, BBDO, Film School Rejects ...