Frederic Ansermoz, Personal and Interests, Web Developer

Multimedia - Computing - Photography

  • Computing

    Websites creation.

  • Digital Photography

    Image shooting, image editing and effects.
    Portrait, landscape and nature, wildlife, sport, urban.

  • Audio Video

    Video Editing and special effects, Computing sound (creation, sampling, audio editing) , DJing on vinyl records.

Sports - Hiking - Nature

  • Sports

    Roller, Volley, Body Building, Gym, Boxing, Tennis, Ski, Us Foot, Squash.

  • Sport in Nature

    Hiking, Diving, Speleo, Climbing, Bodyboard, Excursions organisation.


  • Art

    Cinema, Reading, Writing (scenarios, stories), Drawing (storyboards, illustrations), Music (guitar and percussions).

  • Various

    Handiwork , Cooking.